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Gendent For Business

Benefits for Business-

Secure the best employees with offering the Gendent Dental Discount Plan for Business!

Treat your employees right with the Dental Plan that pays. We at Gendent have design Gendent for Business to business succeed in hiring the best talent. When joining Gendent your employees can expect to safe 20% -60% on their dental expenses.

Once signed up we will provide your business with information packets including the Gendent For Business Dental Discount Card for each of the employees signed up.

Once you have signed up employees they can have their choice of going to any Gendent Dental Plan Providers Listed on our website or any provider representing the Gendent Seal Below.


Anthony Brown, Margate, FL

“During these economic times it is good to know that i can count on a very affordable dental plan which allows me to take my family to Dentist. Thanks Gendent!”

Alex Julien, Parkland, FL

” For someone who only goes to the dentist for cleanings and the occasional filling, this dental plan turned out to be a better deal than paying the premium for a traditional dental insurance. Pretty much pays for itself after two cleanings. ”