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About Gendent

The Gendent dental discount plan was created by a group of dentists in Florida that were tired of having patients not having the essential treatment they needed because the could not afford it or didn’t have insurance. Gendent was created to fill a need for affordable dental health care. It was created with you in mind.

The Gendent dental discount plan will provide cost savings not only on routine and preventive care, but also on more extensive treatments such as fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures, bridges and extractions. Members can expect to save 20% to 60% on their dental care expenses.

Our Mission

Gendent dental discount plans mission is simple:

We aim to build a reputable and well managed company well providing exceptional value to our plan members.

Affordable dental care is our key objective!


Anthony Brown, Margate, FL

“During these economic times it is good to know that i can count on a very affordable dental plan which allows me to take my family to Dentist. Thanks Gendent!”

Alex Julien, Parkland, FL

” For someone who only goes to the dentist for cleanings and the occasional filling, this dental plan turned out to be a better deal than paying the premium for a traditional dental insurance. Pretty much pays for itself after two cleanings. ”